The Best Felt Paper Crafts for Beginners

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Easy to find on the market at a very affordable price makes flannel fabrics a choice of many people in making handy crafts. Fabrics made of wool fibers are also increasingly popular texture fabric is distinctive and easy to be formed. Colorful flannel fabrics that steal the attention also makes many manufacturers choose this one cloth as the basic material in the manufacture of superior products.

Not only can you see and buy the various handicrafts from flannels sold by craftsmen, you can actually create an adorable thing from this fibrous fabric. Do not be afraid of difficulties in processing flannel. Many handcrafted from flannels are very easy to make even beginners though.

Here are some flannel crafting ideas that you can create yourself at home. While filling the empty time, who knows later your work was good and suitable to be a gift for your family and relatives.

1. Pouch of All Sizes

Flannel includes a fairly strong type of fabric with a fairly high level of thickness. This makes many craftsmen glance at this type of fabric this one to be made a variety of containers that ciamik. Containers in the form of pouch with a variety of sizes are very easy to make from flannel.

All you need to make this is the skill of sewing baste. Adjust the size of the pouch you want to make with the approximate item you want to put in it. Simply fold the flannel cloth to fit the size and sewing painstakingly, a unique pouch of flannel can be created in a matter of hours! You can use it as needed.

2. Unique Pillows

Want to find unique gift for loved ones? You can make it from flannel. One of the ideas of handcrafting from flannel to gift that will be very memorable is to make a unique pillow that shaped the initials of the name of people who want to be given. Interesting right?

All you need to make this is a flannel cloth with a size large enough and dracon as a filler. Make a sketch of the letter from the pillow you want to make on the flannel. Cut the flannel according to the sketch and make a duplicate to create the same two letters. Sew some side of the letters to be joined, after which fill with dracon that you have prepared before. Next, perfect the stitches on your pillow until all the sides are closed. In addition to certain fonts, you can also create other shapes according to your liking.

3. Pin

Create the hijabers, you’ll love to hunt down the gorgeous brooches that can perfect your performance in berhijan. No harm if not once in a while you decide to make your own sweet brooch for your veil? You can use flannel as the base material.

It’s not hard to make a brooch from flannel. You just need a high creativity and a little effort to find a variety of equipment to make handicrafts from this one flannel. Provide flannels in a size that is not too large and colors that you like. You can shape them into flowers, butterflies, or other designs. Once the desired shape is and has been glued firmly, you just need to add a pin behind it in order to use it as a brooch hijabers that kece.

4. Cute Key Chain

In order to lock your room or closet is not easily scattered, the existence of key chains is absolutely necessary. Besides being able to buy it, you can also make it out of flannel. The way of making it is not difficult. Most of the way is very similar when you want to make a pillow from flannel.

It’s just that there are additional equipment you need to create that keychain. In addition to flannel and dracon, you also need to buy a key hanger at a nearby store. Start by sketching the hangers you want and sewing some sides. Fill with enough dracon and fine-tune the sutures on all sides of the flannel sketch. After that, you just need to paste the keyholder in the appropriate section. Easy enough, is not it?

5. Mobile Gloves

How to make the idea of ​​handmade from flannel in the form of sarong mobile phone is actually almost the same as when you want to make a pouch made from fabric that comes from this wool fiber. It’s just that you need an extra thick thread like a cord as a lid. Then, how to make it?

First of all, make a sketch on a flannelette in the shape of a box that is slightly bigger than yours. Duplicate the sketches to create two cities of the same size. Cut out the fabric according to the sketch and start sewing on each side, except at the top. After a neat sew, stick the elastic yarn at the top and curl the fabric to sew again. That way, you will find a mobile phone place with a cherry sharp model and very useful of course. In addition to the shaved model, you can also make a model cover by giving the buttons on the top of your mobile phone holster. The more varied, is not it?

6. Flower Bouquet

Do not be lazy first to make a bouquet of sweet flowers from flannels because of the assumption that this handicraft is very difficult to make. In fact, the crafts of this one is the most easily embodied and of course the results are adorable. How not, you can get flowers that notdead from colorful flannels that can be a decoration of your living room or a gift to your beloved, such as mother or lover.

How to make it not complicated. Provide flannel in various colors. In each color of flannel, make a sketch of small squares measuring about 10 × 10 cm. Cut it neatly until you have lots of small square-sized flannel. For each flower, take about four to five small rectangles. Stack and stick with glue in the center. Move from the top of the cloth, then follow in the bottom of the cloth. Make some flowers like that way, then live you assemble to be an interesting bouquet. Simple, is not it?

Making handicrafts for your own use or making a gift will certainly give a deeper impression to you or the recipient. Plus, with the ease of making it, you certainly have no doubt to create a unique idea of ​​flannel, is not it?

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